Nerdy Treats


We hand make a variety of fantastic nerdy items and treats from various fandoms.
Below are a few of our favorites!  Click on each picture below to visit our Etsy page to view more and to purchase these hand-made items made with care!

Pokebomb Bath Bombs!


Make your bath the very best, like no one ever was with these unique Pokéball bath bombs! Each bomb has a Pokémon figure in the center. Can you catch them all?

These bath bombs combine a bright red mica with a natural color and a strong berry scent for a beautiful and fizzy bath that’s perfect for coming home from the Gym or from a day of collecting Pokémon in the wild. They’ll make your bathwater smooth and nourishing for a luxurious feeling. Use the whole bomb at once, or break it into smaller pieces for multiple uses. Makes a perfect gift!

Cheeseburger Backpack 


Made of felt, this adorable backpack is a great gift for the Steven fan in your life! Perfect for cosplay!!! Plus the soft filling lets this functional backpack double as a pillow – perfect for travel or for wearing to conventions. The backpack has one open pocket to hold all of your important items – just don’t forget to pack your moon goddess statues!

Each backpack is handmade and will automatically come with:
– Seeded front and back bun
– Double burger.
– Lettuce
– Tomato
– Onion
– Cheese

Cheeseburger Backpack (adult size)